We believe that the three basic principles of "show me, let me and test me" mirror the natural human learning process. The team's expertise with our own company products as well as Industry tools, helps us to create a niche in the market. Our process of data entry involves a tried and tested process of creation of storyboards and then transferring the information into a course content holder. The seamless automation of this implementation takes place and gives us real-time editing of an e-learning course. This method ensures multiple benefits.

Our team of HTML Data Entry, is not only adept in HTML but is also capable to create e-learning courses conforming to Industry standards such as 508 compliance on various templates used in the e-Learning industry, viz.
  • Matching column
  • Multiple Choice
  • Question and Answer
  • Financial worksheets
  • Audio/graphic frames ... to name a few.
The company's e-learning authoring tools and player engines have many features which help users to get:
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