Holaka Creations, has catered to a few clients in the local and international market for web development and has also continuously and successfully catered to local clients for their various creative print design needs.

We have been offering our services to:

    Pharma Industry
  • Cipla Ltd. (India)
  • Novartis Ltd. (India)
  • Pfizer Ltd.(India)
  • Village Fertility Pharmacy (USA)
    Cement Industry
  • ACC Ltd. (India)
  • B.K.Birla Group of Companies (India)
    Engineering/Textile Industry
  • SIMS Copper (Malaysia)
  • Huntsman (subsidiary of Ciba Ltd)
  • Duplex Wires Pvt. Ltd.
  • Balsara Hygiene Products Ltd. (India)
  • Balsara Exports
    Petroleum Industry
  • BG India
    IT industry
  • Dimidium Solutions Inc.
  • iStreet Network
  • e-Dropp Stores