Client Introduction
eDropp is a start-up drop-off store, selling products online through their personal online store and also through existing marketplaces like ebay/rediff/alibaba/kijiji and many more. The store also provides wholesale online selling options along with auctions and charity as a few of the features.

Project Overview
eDropp approached Holaka Creations to develop a small promotional web site. Initial consultation however highlighted the opportunity to streamline many of the cumbersome paper-based internal processes involved in the day to day running of the store. The result, a complete I.T. strategy that would allow the promotion and day to day running of the business to be combined in a single, intuitive application.

The final application delivered to eDropp served three main functions:
  • Customer and Inventory control
    The application allowed eDropp staff to maintain their entire range of customers and products in a simple, intuitive manner. Customers can be browsed by name/id's or searched for by first name, and other meta data. Reports can be generated asking for Client details/ selling-buying history and also the status of inventory in the store. The system was a web solutions hence allowing the entire branch/store to be run from a single application.
  • Web Site Content Management
    By utlising in-house developed .NET web application, clicking on a single button allows the website to be automatically updated, including new products and product images, and other web site content. This synchronisation process runs in the background, ensuring the application can still be used to run the store.
Following it's implementation, the Customer Control and Content Management application was a complete success. Edropp staff members were quick to adopt the new system without any training required. The new system has streamlined the business process dramatically allowing more time for staff to focus on serving customers and improving the business.
Development Environment ASP.NET
Database SQL Server 2000
OS Windows 2000